Why an Online Degree?

Flexibility is the primary reason so many students are opting for Online Degrees. Online Programs allow you to set a class schedule that works for your lifestyle. Additionally, Online Programs offer flexibility as to how to you learn the material. Audio lectures allow students to absorb information by listening while video lectures offer a full classroom experience.

Furthermore, online students receive all of the same materials as classroom students and are able to follow the written materials while watching the lectures. Online Learning truly offers the best parts of a classroom environment with the flexibility to meet the demands of students and professionals. If you need to work, juggle a busy lifestyle, and still find a way to get ahead an Online Degree is the answer!

Why Accounting?

Accounting is one of the leading industries for projected growth within the next 10 years. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects employment of accountants and auditors to grow by 22% between 2008 and 2018. This equates to over 279,000 new jobs! As regulations on businesses change and new tax laws are adopted, the need for accountants is at an all time high.

This demand is becoming greater due to the increasing emphasis on transparency and accountability. Small companies, as well as large corporations, are being required to maintain more stringent records of financial transactions so that mistakes can be remedied before government audits takes place. This need for internal scrutiny creates great opportunities for internal auditors and forensic accountants.

Individuals who are proficient in accounting and who have received certifications and accounting degrees will have the best job prospects over the next decade. Additionally, special accounting emphases in international business and/or current governmental legislation may help job candidates find international and government related accounting positions.

Accounting Careers?

In 2008, accountants and auditors held 1,300,000 jobs in the United States! It is a common misconception that all accountants work for large companies. Many accountants enjoy the bookkeeping end of the industry and thrive in an organized office environment. However, an accounting degree or certification will allow the recipient to enter a variety of different industries, including law, medicine, government, entertainment and even private accounting for individuals.

In fact, approximately 8% of accountants are self-employed. The bottom line is that every successful business in every industry will need an accountant to make it run efficiently. An Accounting Degree will prepare the recipient to enter the job market with a skill set that is in high demand. Over 20,000 join accounting firms in entry level jobs each year. Key hiring factors are major in college, communication skills and your grades. A typical starting job will be in auditing of businesses - both large and small. There are, of course, many job options available in this area to those without a 4 year college degree. Most bookkeepers have 2 years of college.

Accounting Salaries?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the mean annual salary for accountants and auditors was $59,430 in May of 2008. The top 10% earned more than $102,380!

The middle half of accountants and auditors (25% - 75%) earned between $45,900 and $78,210. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also lists the median annual wages of the industries employing the largest number of accountants and auditors.

Accounting / Tax Preparation / Bookkeeping / Payroll Services$61,480
Management of Companies and Enterprises$59,820
Insurance Carriers$59,550
Local Government$53,660
State Government$51,250


PayScale.com lists accounting salaries by degree type. Starting salaries for employees with BS, BBA, MBA and BA degrees in accounting vary between $38,500 and $54,500.

According to PayScale.com starting salaries for employees with Bachelor of Science (BS/BSc/SB) degrees in accounting range from $38,579 to $50,419; Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degrees in accounting range from $36,552 to $51,584; Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees in accounting range from $39,911 to $54,497; and Bachelor of Arts (BA/AB) degrees in accounting range from $39,021 to $50,408.