NY Times: Next Steps in Diamond Foods Accounting Inquiry
The investigations center on payments of approximately $20 million in August 2010 and approximately $60 million in September 2011 to walnut growers who supply the company. - February 14, 2012
Bloomberg: CA Outlook Is Revised to Positive by S&P
California (STOCA1)'s ratings outlook was revised to positive from stable by Standard & Poor?s as the most-populous state prepares to sell $2 billion in general- obligation bonds. - February 14, 2012
SFGate: Obama Budget Proves Unique in Accounting for $3.8 Trillion
President Barack Obama's budget outlines his ideas for how the government may spend $3.8 trillion in fiscal 2013. - February 13, 2012
AccountingWEB: Six Things Accountants Don't Understand about LinkedIn
You've probably heard about LinkedIn, and perhaps you?ve already registered your profile. Thousands of accountants register but many fail to register properly, they complain about it, or they simply say it hasn't generated any business for them. - February 12, 2012
NY Times: Entrepreneurs Climbing Mt. Paperwork
TEPID economic growth has left many people out of work or underemployed. While some wait for a better job, or any job at all, to come along, others will try to create their own jobs from scratch by starting a business. - February 11, 2012 Accounting Error Cuts Ireland's Debts
DUBLIN?Ireland's debt load in 2010 was ?3.6 billion ($4.99 billion) lower than first thought following the discovery of an accounting error, the Irish finance ministry said Tuesday. - November 1, 2011
Accounting Today: U.K. Accounting Group Warns SEC
The head of a British accounting group is warning the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the Financial Accounting Standards Board against pursuing a so-called 'condorsement' approach to International Financial Reporting Standards. - November 1, 2011
NY Times: Longing for the Days of the Big Eight
Ten years ago this week, the accounting firm Arthur Andersen sealed its fate when a few partners in its Houston office decided to shred documents related to the collapse of one of its clients, Enron. - November 1, 2011
Bloomberg: H&R Block Can't Proceed With TaxAct Maker Deal
H&R Block Inc. (HRB) was barred by a federal judge from proceeding with its proposed $287.5 million acquisition of the maker of TaxAct products because it would diminish competition in the tax preparation market. - November 1, 2011
NY Times: Accounting Board Criticizes Deloitte?s Auditing System
In an unprecendented rebuke to a major accounting firm, the group that oversees the industry released a report criticizing Deloitte & Touche, saying that it lacked an adequate system of quality control in its audits. - October 17, 2011
CNN Money: U.S. Hits Debt Ceiling
The U.S. will hit its $14.3 trillion debt limit today. Over the weekend, Republicans spelled out in greater detail what they want in return for supporting an increase to the debt ceiling. - May 16, 2011 Economists in Survey Discount Inflation
Most economists in the latest Wall Street Journal forecasting survey agree with the Federal Reserve that severe inflation pressures are transitory and price increases will be more moderate through next year. - May 16, 2011
Bloomberg: IRS Denies Outside Influence Sparked Gift Tax Investigations
The IRS said it is examining contributions from five taxpayers to political advocacy groups, prompting accusations that the investigation is politically motivated. - May 13, 2011
Accounting Today: House Committee Ponders International Taxation
The House Ways and Means Committee held a hearing on the current structure of international tax rules and how they might be hampering American employers in global markets. - May 13, 2011
The Tax Advisor: IRS Rule OKs Home-equity Deduction on Large Loans
The Internal Revenue Service recently issued a regulation letting taxpayers deduct home-equity interest on loans exceeding $1 million. Rule allows owners to deduct up to $100K beyond the $1M limit for acquisition indebtedness on qualified residences. - May 10, 2011
Accounting Web: Obama Plan Would Ease State Debts Through Payroll Taxes
An Obama administration proposal would ease the debts of states struggling to pay unemployment benefits by increasing the amount of payroll taxes collected from businesses. - February 8, 2011
Accounting Today: Intuit Predicts Future of Accounting Profession
The next decade will be a period of rapid change and continuous transformation for the accounting profession that will lend itself to greater opportunities for growth and productivity, according to a new report. - February 4, 2011
Financial Accounting Standards Board - FASB: News Release
IASB and FASB Propose to Align Balance Sheet Netting Requirements Differences in IFRS and US GAAP Offsetting Requirements to be Eliminated. - January 28, 2011
The Wall Street Journal: Audits Add Shine to Firms
Small businesses whose books are audited - by a certified public accountant, not the Internal Revenue Service - improve their chances of getting a loan, and at better terms, than businesses with less scrutinized financial statements, a new study shows. - January 13, 2011
The Washington Post: California Budget Plan Relies on Accounting Maneuvers
Lawmakers are getting their first look at a proposed budget agreement that attempts to close California's $19 billion deficit with some spending cuts and a large dose of creative accounting. - October 6, 2010
Financial Times: Accounting Rules - Impetus Fades on Project to Amalgamate Standards
The accounting standards used in cities as diverse as Indianapolis and Innsbruck are in the process of being made more interchangeable. - October 6, 2010
BBC News: New Auditor General Offers Fresh Approach
The new Auditor General for Wales has said he will be a thorn in the side of public bodies in the drive to achieve efficiencies. - October 1, 2010
WebCPA: AICPA-CICA Sustainability Workshop
The American Institute of CPAs and The Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants will hold their first U.S. workshop on accounting for sustainability. - September 30, 2010
Bloomberg Businessweek: Hong Kong Growth May Slow to 6.3% as Chinese Economy Cools
Aug. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Hong Kong's economy probably expanded for a third straight quarter from a year earlier as the city sustained its recovery from the global financial crisis. - August 12, 2010
Denver Business Journal: Young Accountants Recruited to Fill Future Leadership Voids.
Recruiting employees and developing new leadership loom large for accounting firms, as management and partners from the baby-boomer generation approach retirement. - August 6, 2010
Bloomberg News: Accounting Tool Boosts Financial Firms Profits
Bank of America Corp. and Wall Street firms that notched perfect trading records in the first quarter are now depending on an accounting benefit last used in the depths of the credit crisis to prop up their results. - July 13, 2010
Business AP: Bailout Watchdog to Audit Housing Program
WASHINGTON -- The special inspector general for the financial bailout will examine how 10 states were selected for a $2.1 billion Obama administration plan to aid areas hit by the housing bust. - July 13, 2010